SL Transport und Handels e.K.

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The motivation

My Goals

The increasingly complex challenges of international trade were an incentive for us as a company right from the start. The many barriers in customs and through embargoes, sanctions etc. meanwhile represent obstacles for many companies. Our goal is to overcome these obstacles. We want to make international trade as easy as possible for companies, so that they can concentrate on their core business and have more time and more financial resources to increase their productivity.

That is why we as a company have not only specialized in the logistics of goods, but also in the transport of various goods, which also include various transport routes. Almost every company is now dependent on the advantages of different production countries. Therefore, in our consulting, we also try to establish the best possible retail chains for the respective companies. What drives us is to make the operating processes as well as the transport processes as simple as possible for companies. Our professionally trained staff supports us in the respective specialist areas. In this way it is possible to bring different markets and people together more easily.

The fascination of global logistics chains and their challenges has become my calling.

As managing director of SL Transport und Handels e.K. I had already worked as a dispatcher for 3 years and was responsible for the allocation of resources and goods and the allocation of finances and the respective personnel in the company. This time was very valuable to me because I learned how closely different processes in the company are interrelated and are also responsible for the respective company’s success.

I also specialized in exporting outside the EU for over a year, which has given me a lot of valuable experience for my current job. During this time I was mainly responsible for the organization of the transport and the handling of the customs documents as well as the certificate of origin. I have also successfully completed my training as a specialist in freight transport and logistics. My current contacts within the EU as well as in other EU countries make my work processes more effective and easier for my end customers.

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