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Freight transport is one of the most important foundations of logistics and essential for every functioning international company. No matter whether within the EU or in another EU country. There are almost always bureaucratic requirements that must be observed and which can be punished with high fines if they are not complied with. For this reason, it is more advantageous for companies to outsource these tasks. As a logistics company, we have specialized in international freight transport as well as freight transport within the EU and domestically for several years.

  • Transports and goods transport within the EU and from all corners of the world
  • Heavy and bulky goods transport
  • Sea, air and rail freight (individual charter also possible - on 3.5 tons to Antonov)
  • Express transport
  • Frigotransport
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • medicals protections equipment transport
  • Inter-multimodal transport (truck-sea-train-truck)

Both heavy and bulky goods transport are also part of our range of services, which can be taken over by our trained staff on time. The SL Transport und Handels e.K. not only takes care of the transport, but also ensures with a check that the goods have also been packed according to the regulations of the respective destination country.

Of course, goods can also be transported by sea, air and rail. Most of our goods are transported via air freight via the Antonow, which has been used successfully for several years to transport a wide variety of goods.

Do you have to go fast? Then our express line is exactly the right choice for you. Depending on the type of goods and the destination country, we can also transport the goods faster than our usual delivery times. The best way to do this is to contact us directly by phone so that we can find the best possible solution for your company.

Do you have goods that absolutely need to be refrigerated during transport? Then our frigo transport is best for you. Frigo transport is most commonly used to transport medicines, pharmaceutical products and food. Here, too, we of course pay attention to the respective customs regulations of the destination country in advance. In addition, we also offer exclusive drug transports that can be used by pharmaceutical companies.

We move your goods worldwide with any means of transport. On land, at sea and in the air.

Do you have special goods or materials that may only be transported under certain conditions? Then you should definitely make use of our dangerous goods transport. Normal freight transport is not suitable for substances and objects which, due to their nature, chemical or physical properties, can pose a danger to public spaces.

We also offer inter-multimodal transport for the transport of trucks and trains. This transport route is also useful and energy-saving for certain types of goods.

You are not sure which type of belt transport is best for your goods or you are unsure about the customs regulations in your destination country?

You are not sure which type of belt transport is best for your goods or you are unsure about the customs regulations in your destination country?

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