We advise you from the idea to implementation and market entry.

Advice is not always advice! Every company is individual and has different strengths, weaknesses and opportunities on the free market. Depending on the destination country, there are also different legal barriers that you have to overcome first. That is why we as a company have not only specialized in logistics in recent years, but also in individual consulting for companies.

For example, a consultant can help you remove a strategic realignment for your company, which in the long term can not only save you financial resources, but also increase the productivity of your employees. However, our goal is not only to tie up financial resources for your company in the long term, but also to simplify the development of new markets for your company. Therefore, we also offer the mediation of international manufacturer contacts. In times of digitization and globalization, it is particularly important as a company to have a well-functioning supply chain.

Business contacts

Vermittlung internationaler Herstellerkontakte

Market entry

Beratung zu Produkteinführungen zu Möglichkeiten und Vorschriften


Beratung zum Aufbau der Logistikkette


Unterstützung bei allen Dokumenten (Warenzertifizierung für GUS Länder, Exportdeklarationen und etc.)

sales market

Vermittlung an Werbe- und Handelspartner

With the help of an as-is analysis, it is possible for us to crystallize weak points in the company more easily and then to correct them in order to achieve the desired target of the target state for your company. So that errors can be avoided as early as the planning phase of new strategies, you can of course consult our consultant on the individual steps.

This shows you your options for a new product launch and also the necessary legal regulations right from the start. Of course, we will also provide you with information on customs clearance if you would like to offer your goods for sale in a new destination country. We also advise you on how to optimize your logistics chain in order to simplify processes to your advantage.

Of course, we also take care of the bureaucratic work for you and help you fill out important documents such as goods certification for CIS countries or export declarations, which are now mandatory for many target countries.

Are you still looking for suitable advertising and trading partners? In this step, too, we will help you to find an individual solution for your company.

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