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Correct storage of goods is an essential part of the preservation of goods in any company. With many goods, however, it is not advisable to rent an entire storage room in the long term. Therefore, as a logistics company, we have specialized in the storage of goods. The advantage for you is that you save a lot of space and can still store your goods safely and dry. Our storage containers enable safe and fast storage of many types of goods.

We also offer cargo handling for your goods within the EU and also in other EU countries. The handling of goods is now necessary for many goods, but at the same time it can be a complex process for a company. It is therefore a good idea to outsource this task.

Logistics services up to 4PL


Storage in secure storage areas

Handling of goods

... within the EU and from / to other countries

Packaging of goods

... especially for high-quality goods (including surveying services)


... individual and solution-oriented.


Handling of all formalities and documents.

Transport insurance

... against risks such as loss and damage.

Groupage management

... to bring together different countries of origin and a country of destination and vice versa: including document management and consolidation - also in the customs warehouse

Do you own goods that have to be specially packaged for the end customer because they are very sensitive? Then our high-quality goods packaging is best suited for your goods. These also include a measurement so that your goods can be packed in the best possible way. Of course, we also pay attention to the labeling of the goods that is necessary or required by you.

There are now tariffs for almost all countries. This represents a major bureaucratic task for companies, especially when it comes to selling goods in other EU countries. That is why we have also specialized in customs clearance for cross-border goods traffic. We take care of all the necessary documents for export and customs clearance for you, so that you have more time for the core business of your company.

The advantage is that with our services you also benefit from goods transport insurance. In this way, you are protected from damage caused by external factors or third-party negligence. We particularly recommend this insurance to customers who want to transport high-quality and easily fragile goods abroad.

We also offer you high-quality groupage management. A groupage is basically nothing more than various groupage goods that are bundled into a groupage and then transported. It is also possible to merge different countries of origin into one receiving country, and vice versa. Of course, we also take care of all the necessary documents and the necessary consolidation at customs.

Do you still have questions about the individual services or are you unsure about the customs clearance of your goods?

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