11. March 2021

Cra­ne loading in Anto­nov AN-124–100

The An-124 can also ope­ra­te on unpre­pa­red slo­pes and hard-fro­zen snow thanks to its shoul­der-wing design and the robust lan­ding gear. Loading can take place both via the fold-up fusela­ge bow and via the stern ramp in the full cross-sec­tion of the car­go space. A par­ti­cu­lar advan­ta­ge of the An-124 as a civi­li­an freigh­ter is the pos­si­bi­li­ty of very simp­le loading and unloading, even at air­ports with poor infra­st­ruc­tu­re. This is pos­si­ble becau­se the bow can be ope­ned hydrau­li­cal­ly and lowe­red by retrac­ting the nose gear, which means that it can be loa­ded direct­ly from the ground via a flat ramp. To take this addi­tio­nal load, it has a dou­ble nose wheel. Vehi­cles such as cars, trucks or lar­ge loads on flat­bed trai­lers, but also armo­red tra­cked vehi­cles can dri­ve direct­ly from the ground into the hold. It owes this to its ori­gi­nal design as a mili­ta­ry transporter.